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Founded in 2006, Gotcha Tactics LLC has been providing Minnesota Residents with the training needed to obtain their MN Permit to Carry.  We realized that this type of training was needed in places other than Minnesota, so we started to offer our training services outside of the boundaries of the state. Our training programs are accepted in multiple states, for more information just ask, we will let you know where your second amendment right is still protected.  Gotcha Tactics LLC is proud to be a leader in safety and security training needs.

Our Courses
Are 100% ours, we don't use courses from third parties, or advertise others services.
Are scrutinized by various agencies in multiple states.
Utilize audio video equipment, not just an instructor with a chalk board, we also provide display items and required safety equipment.
Are typically held in group meeting areas, some exceptions and special circumstances do arise.

Our instructors
Are permit holders themselves, who routinely exercise their own second amendment rights.
Are certified by more than one agency; some of our instructors are recognized by the NRA, BCA/BCI, and DNR.
May not be subject matter experts, but they come close.
Practice what they preach, both on and off the range.
Routinely volunteer with various firearm events.

You're the only one who can decide when to defend yourself, let us help!

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