Our Instructors

Are permit holders themselves, who routinely exercise their own second amendment rights.
Are certified by more than one agency; some of our instructors are recognized by the NRA, BCA/BCI, and DNR.
May not be subject matter experts, but they come close.
Practice what they preach, both on and off the range.
Routinely volunteer with various firearm events.

Aron is the director of operations for Gotcha Tactics LLC from its inception in 2006.  Aron is in charge of the day to day operations as well as training instructors.

Aron L.

Owner/Sr. Instructor

Randi joined Gotcha Tactics LLC in 2017, shortly after attending one of our courses along with some of her family.  Randi also oversees the online curriculum.

Randi L.

Instructor/Online Admin

Dave has been around Gotcha Tactics LLC since 2006.  Dave was the second student to take our course, and oversaw website operations.  Being Dave took the course so many times, Dave now instructs for Gotcha Tactics LLC. 

Dave J.


Pao joined Gotcha Tactics LLC in 2018.  

Pao L.



Dallas S.



Johnny S.


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