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Take the classroom portion of the permit to carry course, in the comforts of your own home, on your  own time schedule.
Our curriculum is state approved, to allow you to learn at your pace, without having to give up your day off.  Utilizing the same standards and course as we do in our live instructor taught courses, you will be able to spend as much or as little time on specific sections as your needs require.  A short test at the conclusion of the course is required.  Once you have completed the online course, you will need to attend one of our many scheduled range days, to perform the live fire exercise.  If an online class is not for you, we still offer instructor taught live classes throughout MN.

To pay for your online permit to carry course, click on the pay now button below. Online course costs $50.00 and does not include range fees.   All online classes must be completed within 30 days of registration, and the range day must be completed within 30 days of online course completion.   Failure to meet time requirements will result in course failure, and no refund will be offered.

Course requires an internet connection and access to various sites.


MN Permit to Carry Online Course

Take the online course, Course Log in information will be sent after payment is received.


Safety Bullets

1. & 2. The primer and shell casing are the same primer and shell casing that each pistol would normally use. The difference with the Safety Bullet® is there is no gun powder in the shell, only the primer charge. 3. The Ram is placed inside the shell casing and up against the primer. It is similar in shape to a roofing nail. It is held inside the shell casing by a crimp that has been rolled into the shell casing to hold the Expander and the Ram inside the shell. The Ram it is made of Aircraft Aluminum and designed to travel until it reaches the crimp that has been placed in the shell casing. It travels through the Expander causing the Expander to be pushed outward against the firing chamber, jamming it in place. 4. The Expander is made of Delrin(TM) plastic and is held inside the shell casing by a crimp, which also holds the Ram in place. The Ram sits inside the Expander. The end of the Expander is X cut to allow for expansion when the shaft of the Ram is forced through the forward end expanding the expander outward against the guns firing chamber.


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