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Aron Lambrecht
Instructor #2237-045
Aron is the Director of Operations at Gotcha Tactics.  Since 2006 When GTC was founded, Aron has been in charge of the day to day operations, along with training and certifying instructors and students.

Steve Lundberg
Instructor #2237-049
Steve is our North Metro Instructor.  Joining GTC in 2011, Steve is also a DNR Firearms safety Instructor, and teaches primarily out of the Isanti/Cambridge area

Rob Kappel
Instructor #2237-048
Rob is currently not an active instructor with Gotcha Tactics LLC.

Greg Mullenbach
Instructor #2237-047
Greg is currently not an active instructor with Gotcha Tactics LLC.

Alyssa Lambrecht
Instructor #2237-046
Alyssa joined GTC in 2006 as an administrative assistant.  Over her time with GTC Alyssa has moved into the teaching realm, and assists other instructors as needed.

Instructor #2237-050

David Henry
Instructor #2237-051
David Joined GTC in 2016.  David Came to GTC as a customer, and decided to hang around a little while longer.  David covers our North West metro area.

Andrew Scott
Instructor #2237-701
Andrew Joined GTC in 2012, as our resident medic/EMT.  Because of Andrew's time on and off the range with his fellow instructors, Andrew was able to pick up the knowledge and skills to help out with things other than medical emergencies.

Josh Mettler
Instructor #2237-702
Josh Joined GTC in 2013.  Josh has been certified for years as a NRA Law enforcement firearms instructor.  With Josh's military background, and his current employment as a licensed peace officer in Minnesota, Josh is able to bring his real world experiences to the classroom.

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